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Alforja Ortlieb Back Roller Design brush orange - cadet blue

Back Roller Design

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Season of use Autumn, Spring, Summer
Brand Ortlieb
Ecological note (0 to 5)


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Ecological Certificates EOCA
Volume (l) 20
For Woman, Man
Dimensions (cm) 42 x (23/32) x 17
Weight (gr.) 950
Features Waterproof
Placement on bike Rear wheel
Activities Cycling
Size Unique
Made in Germany


20L rear saddlebag perfect for cycling. Waterproof, resistant and very easy to remove and put on with one hand.


  • Fully waterproof and dustproof individual saddlebag. The IP64 degree of protection ensures that it is completely dustproof and protected against water spray from all directions. li >
  • Designed for cyclists who make long trips or bicycle routes by land or asphalt, however demanding they may be. Very resistant and attachable to any carrier.
  • The saddlebag can be easily removed from the bicycle and used with the shoulder strap that incorporates it as a shoulder bag.
  • Sold in individual units.

Pockets and adaptations:

  • With roll-top closure that allows to adjust the size of the bag to the transported material, always allowing a tight closure.
  • Inside pocket with zip closure that allows you to carry different items organized.
  • Reflective safety side elements that facilitate being seen from behind.
  • Removable strap with padding to be able to use the saddlebag as a shoulder bag and to finish fixing the closure by adjusting it on the lower front hook. If the strap is removed, the side buckles can be attached at the top to close the roll closure.
  • Made in Germany with the highest quality standards.
  • 5-year warranty according to Ortlieb conditions.

Fixation :

  • With QuickLock2.1 anchorage system that allows you to put and remove the saddlebags in a very simple way. The top clips are opened or closed by pulling the top strap.
  • It also includes a lower anchor with 360º regulation and U-movement. The U-rail can be turned if desired.
  • Friction materials are softer avoiding abrasion and improving their useful life. Flat nuts that prevent possible damage to ported elements.
  • Compatible with carriers of maximum 16 mm. They include pieces to fit them without gaps to diameters of 8, 10 and 12mm. The anchors are adjustable without the need for a wrench.
  • Plastic lower protection to increase durability in the event of an accident.


  • Sides made of PS 490 nylon, PVC coated polyester fabric.
  • Front and interior made of PD 620, PVC coated polyester fabric.

Customer Reviews

Review by Idoia (Posted on 26/07/2020)
(translated) I have a saddlebag just like this one that I bought years ago and I have decided to buy another one for travelling and the truth is that I am delighted. They have also made improvements and the truth is that I would recommend everyone to buy these saddlebags.
Review by Nkarni (Posted on 26/04/2019)
Best purchase possible
(translated) I'm delighted, I take it everywhere and it's very comfortable, I'm thinking of buying a second one for longer trips
Review by Eder (Posted on 13/06/2018)
Only one saddlebag comes
(translated) It seems to me that the description of the article is very bad, since in all the other saddlebags two come, and this one is smaller, only one comes and if it is only for one, it seems to me that the price is very expensive since the pair of saddlebags would remain at the same price as the back roller plus or more expensive than the back roller classic.
Review by Ana (Posted on 10/05/2018)
Excellent babaik
(translated) I haven't tried the saddlebags yet, but I'm sure they won't let me down. The treatment, kindness, speed and professionalism of babaik is something that must be highlighted!
Review by Lorenzo (Posted on 07/04/2018)
I was born roller desing
(translated) Good saddlebag, excellent treatment by babaik, for daily use in all circumstances, excellent spare parts and accessories available.
Review by Alejandro riesgo (Posted on 13/03/2018)
(translated) I can't see any defects in the saddlebag, it's comfortable, waterproof and very resistant. And the babaik treatment they were sending me emails to keep me informed of when it was available is priceless. Very good shop and better material
Review by Simone (Posted on 11/02/2017)
very good quality saddlebags!
(translated) I use the saddlebags on a daily basis and in all conditions. It can carry a lot of weight, it can stand the rain, the bag inside is very useful to organize it better! It meets all my expectations!
Review by Futuro (Posted on 15/11/2016)
Bike bags
(translated) Super beautiful, more than I expected, good quality and the colour of the ocean blue has enchanted me. It is worth paying a little more to have a super saddlebags to your taste and quality.
Review by Pepe (Posted on 21/07/2016)
Ortlieb Back Roller Panniers
(translated) I have a rucksack of the same brand and material, since 15 years ago and it's a great one. I've used it a lot on my motorbike to go out in the country and it's perfect. I don't expect anything else from these bags.
Review by Juan (Posted on 05/07/2016)
Excellent saddlebags!
(translated) I suppose you've looked at the Vaude too; I had the chance to try both before deciding on the Ortlieb, and the truth is that the anchoring and closing system of this model gives me more reliability and comfort. At the moment I have tried them for daily use (going to work and shopping etc), in a few weeks I will try them on a cycle tour
Review by diego (Posted on 01/12/2015)
the delivery service
(translated) Very good, robust and at the same time light
Review by juan jose (Posted on 24/09/2015)
(translated) Perfect for routes with a lot of rain, spacious and very resistant
Review by Josune Barbero Goikoetxea (Posted on 26/06/2015)
Excellent saddlebags
(translated) Great, waterproof, very easy to put on the grill
Review by Iban (Posted on 03/02/2015)
Buy value!
(translated) Top of the range saddlebags with great finishes and all the details, there is no doubt that if you can afford that little bit more than they are worth with respect to the competition it is worth it! I have only used them a couple of times since I bought them and they are perfect!
Review by José Antonio Sierra (Posted on 03/02/2015)
Ortlieb bike bags
(translated) Excellent quality, although a little overrated for my taste.
Review by José luis (Posted on 01/02/2015)
It lasts for many years
(translated) It is known worldwide for its hardness in both the fabric material and the hanger brackets. This model now comes with a quick adjustment system without the need for keys that allows you to regulate the position of the bags in any carrier and inclination according to frame size
Review by José María (Posted on 31/01/2015)
Ortlieb Back Roller Design
(translated) A quality product
Review by Juan Pablo (Posted on 16/01/2015)
proof against all odds
(translated) I use them mainly for urban use, large and resistant mackintoshes, ideal for travel.
Review by Manuel (Posted on 14/01/2015)
Good saddlebags
(translated) I tried some of the same last summer on the Camino de Santiago and I'm happy.
Review by Ana (Posted on 20/12/2014)
Light, waterproof and practical
(translated) Ideal for cycling around the world.
Review by Pepa Cabezas (Posted on 10/11/2014)
Bike bags Roller Design
(translated) They have met my expectations.
Review by Anabel (Posted on 31/08/2014)
Back Roller Design bike bags
(translated) Very good quality. Very good capacity. Very good fastening system.
Review by Francisco (Posted on 22/08/2014)
(translated) The truth is that it has been a pleasure to buy in this shop, because so much service, customer care, and unbeatable speed ... highly recommended ...
Review by Lorenzo Elbaz (Posted on 03/06/2014)
premium gender
(translated) I am delighted with the saddlebags, in fact I saw them for the first time a few months ago on a friend's bike and when the ones I had before broke, cha chan... I got them, I think they give a good service and what they sell you is what it really is, easy handling, waterproof, comfortable,, light etc.

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