We love and respect nature and the planet of which we are a part. Just as we enjoy nature and we are happy to breathe fresh air, we want to help others to do so too. And also to all future generations to come.

It is our responsibility to take care of and respect our home so we are taking small steps to make this a healthier and happier world. Since as that one said, even the longest hike begins with a small step.


Steps on the WEB

Search filter by ecological certificates. We want to give priority to products that have a sustainable production and for this we enable a search criteria based on the different ecological certificates.
Ecological score. Based on the ecological certificates of each product and each brand, we give a score to each product to facilitate the vision of how sustainable and ecological has been in its manufacture and distribution.
Responsible consumption. We only want you to buy what you really need. For this reason, we do not promote related or complementary products during the purchase so that the cart is not unnecessarily increased.
Fair and sustainable prices. Because behind each product there is a whole chain of people, we calculate our prices only once so that they are as low as possible without being below the limit in which everyone in the chain wins. We try to make our prices fair to everyone.
Campaigns for sustainable products. We give more visibility to the most sustainable products. As with the section of The greenest.
Greater ease to shipments with less emissions. Among the available shipping methods we give greater visibility and promotion (at free cost) to transport methods that emit less emissions.

Steps at the COMPANY

Reduction in the use of plastics. We have eliminated bubble wrap and plastic fillers in our shipments. Every day we are reducing shipping in plastic bags in order to eliminate them completely.
Reduction of paper consumption. Our cardboard shipping boxes are ugly because we reuse them to give them a second or third life, or those that endure. We do not send any type of printed document inside the boxes.
Slower shipments to optimize CO2. Most shipments are made in more than 24 hours since we prioritize CO2 reduction over speed. As far as possible, we extend delivery times up to a week and a half or even a month to optimize the delivery and receipt of factory material as much as possible. This helps to generate less transport and reduces CO2.
We filter sustainable products and brands. We are approaching brands with a sustainable vision and leaving aside those that do not. Likewise, we no longer add products that do not have a minimum of care for the environment.
We do not offer free returns. We believe it is important to make a smarter and more responsible purchase. You can find out more here.

Steps in SOCIETY

A calm and respectful website. We don't retargeting, chase ads, targeted advertising or paid advertising, we don't sell or buy personal data. In short, we only want whoever wants to reach us by their own feet to reach us.
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