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Raqueta de nieve TSL 418 Up & Down meteor (gris)

Additional Information

SKU 418updown
Season of use Winter
Brand TSL
Ecological note (0 to 5)


Ecological Certificates None
For Woman, Man
Dimensions (cm) 57.5 x 21
Weight (gr.) 840 x 2
Experience Expert
Activities Trekking
User weight (kg.) 40-80
Boot size 35-46
Crampons 8 x 2
Grips No
Wasp carving Yes
Forward Yes
Shock absorber Yes
Made in France
Size No


Snowshoe for mountain regulars. With Up & Down system that facilitates both ascent and descent. Very simple and comfortable fixings.


  • High level snowshoe for users who enjoy the mountain and snow regularly.
  • Designed for light weight people, mainly women or children weighing between 40 and 80 kg.
  • It fits and is ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • Adaptable for European shoe sizes from 35 to 46.

Fixation :

  • Adjustment size using a Lock Adjustment zipper system. By lifting the heel lock clip, the entire rear fastener can be slid for easy adjustment. When lowering the clip, the heel locks to the desired size. This setting allows the Equipped with 6 crampons and 2 additional crampons under the heel. They are all steel and interchangeable.

Conditions of use: strong >

  • The patented Up & Down system allows reducing the effects of the slope and considerably improves ride comfort since the rear part of the binding can be raised or lowered . With this system an angle of 12º is gained. When climbing, the raise raises the heel by reducing the angle of the foot during the climb. With the reduction of the angle the legs make less effort and the grip increases. On the plain, the fixing at the same height as the sieve is used, allowing a comfortable and natural ride. On descents, the back of the binding passes under the sieve so the angle is compensated for a more natural step and a better grip on the heel.
  • Shock and noise absorber (SSAS) strong> absorbs shocks when walking and avoids uncomfortable noises during nature trails.
  • Wasp-like chassis that allows a natural and comfortable ride with the best grip and adaptability in all kinds of snow. The rear tail provides stability, allows the user to break the first layer of hard snow and increase grip on the descent. It also manages to keep its axis of movement as well as to reduce the joint tension of the legs.
  • Includes a cover to transport and store them.

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