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Raquetas TSL 305 Explore Easy Kiwi

Additional Information

Season of use Autumn, Winter
Brand TSL
Ecological note (0 to 5)


Ecological Certificates None
Gender Woman, Man
Dimensions (cm) 55*20 / 22*8
Weight (gr.) 810*2
Experience Advanced
Activities Trekking
User weight (kg.) 30-80
Boot size 36 - 47
Crampons 6 x 2
Grips No
Wasp carving Yes
Forward Yes
Shock absorber Yes
Made in France
Size No


Racket designed for experienced women seeking comfort in use. System with memory of size and toe. It also has an easy to use heel rise


  • Very comfortable racket prepared for women or people of slim physique , weighing between 30 and 80 kg. Prepared for the medium, medium-high mountain and different crossings. It is recommended for users with advanced experience .
  • Adaptable for European shoe sizes from 36 to 47 .

Fixation :

  • Size adjustment with zip system. With a clip it allows to slide the rear part of the fixing and adjust it easily. This setting allows memorization of the boot size .
  • Memory Lock System : Superior mechanism that allows a fast, optimal closure and with memorization of the volume of the toe of the boot . Subsequent adjustment using two straps.
  • Back with automatic zip fastening that allows you to put on quickly and accurately. Very fine and simple fastening by automatic buckle.
  • Lateral Fit : It allows integrating the full width of the shoe for an optimal fit.


  • To reinforce the grip, incorporate a front nail.
  • Equipped with 6 interchangeable steel crampons .
  • Design 3D : Maximum grip underfoot, both downhill and uphill.

Terms of use:

  • TSL patented heel lift system. Climbing hikes make it easier to walk during long ascents and reduce fatigue. With the Easy Up system, without having to bend down, the rear sight will be placed or removed with the cane .
  • Shock and noise absorber (SSAS ): TSL patented system that prevents uncomfortable noises during nature walks.
  • Wasp carving chassis that allows a natural and comfortable ride with the best grip and adaptability in all types of snow. The rear tail provides stability, allows the user to break the first layer of hard snow and increase grip on the descent. It also manages to keep its axis of movement as well as to decrease the joint tension of the legs.
  • Locking system to transport or store the rackets.
  • The dimensions of each racket are: 55 cm long and 20 cm wide .
  • Weight per racket: 810 gr .
  • TSL racquets carry a 2-year parts and labor warranty.


  • Sold separately. S5-6 aluminum blades for optimal grip on ascent and hard snow. Easy to assemble.
  • Sold separately. Grips adaptable in a fixed way, for a good grip on hard snow and ice.

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